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Solving Toxicity and Bullying within Our Environment

Whenever someone says the word solves, the image that comes to mind is a fixer, a helper, someone who did something good, someone who made a change, something that perhaps you can do too. But when the word solving becomes a statement of solving toxicity and bullying within our environment, that’s a whole new level of solving, a whole new level of critical thinking, a problem that not everyone can solve, but a problem that everyone could try solving. And in my speech today I will help inform the society on my take of how to solve toxicity and bullying in our environment.
Toxicity, a word that has become more and more popular throughout the decade, a behavior that has impacted many individuals in a harsh traumatic way, and of course there’s the
best friend, bullying, a problem within our society that has never fully gone away since it became a legit problem starting in the 18th hundreds. There is never a way to fully fix something like this, but there is always a way to make an effort on fixing the broken pieces of the aftermath and perhaps by that it could fix the problem, the concrete of person that will not bully is the environment in their homes, and if you know a person with a likely chance of being in a unstable household and they bully someone,it’s not them, trust me its the environment, the trigger is always the environment, a girl that has been body shamed and now she’s showing off her body more because no one will tell her about how
she’s giving off the wrong impression but instead they will talk about her behind her back, making her feel worthless and ashamed. Things like this are the beginning of a toxic way of thinking, the victims think that they are already too deep into the problem that they’re in so they just think “Okay you know what, I’m done, I don’t care, watch me turn even more toxic”.
Speak, kill the bullying behaviour with kindness, a kindness that the bully probably never felt, attention is what they mostly seek, so use that and instead use it when the bully did something good, appreciate them even though they dust it off, it changes something. Speak, tell the girl that “Hey your body is beautiful, but since this environment is so toxic and you’ll hurt yourself more if you dress like that by letting people talk more and more making you feel ashamed and guilty, I can show you how to dress more modestly and catch less attention, but if you don’t mind the judgements and you’re more comfortable in clothes like this you can just wear what you want and i’ll show you how to be more
confident in”. Anyone has the rights to wear whatever they want and the society has no rights to judge them, but in someinstances an individual may feel more comfortable with covering up not being talked about, but there are also amazing people that just wear whatever they want and not care about anything, and that is equally as good !
And the main thing that I personally believe will make this situation better is teaching them to heal, teaching them teach ourselves to slowly accept our mistake, the mistake we made and move on, to learn to accept themselves, accept ourselves and the environment we’re in by showing people to heal, maybe school teaches us to not be a “bad influence” and if you are already in that path you will be ashamed, you will be a stain in the society, you are worthless, an embarrassment. But the reality is we are humans, and humans tend to make a lot of mistakes and sometimes teachers, friends, and other people forget that everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance to make themselves better, not by shaming them and labeling them into something bad, but acknowledging them as a person that is still growing and helping them to heal. After they slowly accept and heal themselves, the next thing to do is to let go, let go of the mistakes, but remember to take notes on the way to not repeat that mistake, let go of the past, let go and move on.

Author : Aya Suhaila